2018 Funspiel

Winter Classic

Arch City Spiel

Waltham Friendly

Durham, NC, November, 2015

Chicago, IL, November, 2015

Cedar Rapids, IA, Aug 2015

2014 Bonspiels

Waltham Friendly
March 17th 2018

The St Louis Curling Club participates in a yearly “friendly” (along with the Cedar Rapids club) hosted by the Waltham Curling Club in Triumph, IL. Each of the three clubs enters four teams in a friendly bonspiel. Triumph, IL is a small town in northern Illinois about three hours and 40 minutes from St. Louis. The Waltham Curling Club is the oldest club in Illinois and has three sheets of dedicated ice. This season the friendly will be held on March 17th.

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If you have curling experience and would like to compete at a bonspiel with other members of the club, please contact our bonspiel coordinator at

Triumph, IL, Mar 2016

Chicago, IL, Feb 2016

Triumph, IL, Feb 2016

Chicago, IL, Nov 2015
For a list of bonspiels and other curling events in the USA visit the USCA bonspiel website:
We have identified several bonspiels within a 6 hour drive of St. Louis:
Possible Bonspiels
Cost Per Person
Waltham Mixed (Triumph, IL)
March 2-4
Waltham Friendly (Triumph, IL)
March 17
Windy City Open (Chicago Curling Club)
April 6-8
2nd Annual Funspiel (St Louis, MO)
May 5
CedarSpiel (Cedar Rapids, IA)
August 10-12
3rd Annual Arch City Spiel (St Louis, MO)
Sept 1-2
With our continuing effort to encourage our members to participate in as many events abroad as possible, we are permitting club members to sign out and use club brooms, sliders and grippers. For more information, please contact the equipment director at