After 2 seasons of curling at Creve Coeur Ice rink (and 2 prior seasons in Fairview Heights, IL) the St Louis Curling Club is planning to move to its own dedicated ice facility! Our goal is to be in our own facility by 2018. Please share this page to help us achieve our fundraising goals!

The St Louis Curling Club has introduced over a thousand people to the sport of curling in its 6 short years of existence, a bright spot in the winters of St Louis, MO. With an enthusiastic and active membership the club has been in existence since 2010 at 2 different ice arenas in the greater St Louis area.

Our new facility will host weekend curling, a youth program, high school leagues, wheelchair curling, adult leagues, open practice times and corporate rentals. And good ice! We will have 4-6 sheets of ice, a warming room with kitchen and bar, two locker rooms, lots of parking and easy access for all in the area.

As you can see, we still need your help to make this happen. Please consider making a tax deductible donation using the DONATE NOW button above. Your generosity will help us to build our new facility and expand our club.

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Executive Summary

The St. Louis Curling Club (SLCC) is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit. Its mission is to promote the skills and enjoyment of curling. It has begun fundraising campaign to construct a dedicated ice curling facility in the St. Louis metropolitan area. SLCC was established in 2010 and currently utilizes the Creve Coeur Ice Rink for curling on arena ice.

The SLCC’s dedicated ice curling facility will be the only dedicated ice curling facility within a 200 mile radius of St. Louis. It is anticipated to have four curling sheets, a bar/kitchen, and a locker room. In addition to weekly curling leagues and Learn to Curl sessions, it will be able to host bonspiels, or curling tournaments. With a dedicated ice curling facility, the SLCC anticipates offering greater variety of weekly leagues for wheelchair curling and youth and senior leagues.

The SLCC will raise $530,000 to build the facility. The funds will be raised through donations, loans (both member loans and third party loans), and in-kind services to create its dedicated ice curling facility in a leased space. The SLCC anticipates opening its dedicated ice curling facility in conjunction with the 2018 Winter Olympics, when the sport of curling has the most interest among the general public. Fundraising will begin upon completion of the building plan.

During the site development and construction, the SLCC will continue to engage in teaching and promoting curling to maintain and increase membership and overall revenues. Its goal is to increase membership to 150 curlers by the time the dedicated ice curling facility is opened.

After the dedicated ice curling facility is opened, the revenue from new and existing curling programs and additional members will provide operating revenue for the SLCC and allow the repayment of all loans. The SLCC believes that its dedicated ice curling facility will encourage people of diverse populations, including seniors and the physically challenged, to enjoy the exercise and conviviality of the Olympic sport of curling.

Dedicated Ice Now

SLCC has grown rapidly in in the last five years and will continue to face more competition for ice time as it continues to grow. Though SLCC enjoys curling at a municipal ice arena there are some challenges the club faces. Major challenges are the availability of ice time and ice condition issues due to sharing the venue with other sports at the arena.

U.S. Curling has gained popularity since it became a Winter Olympics sport.

The popularity of curling in the United States has surged since it was televised as part of Olympic coverage. It was the highest rated sport other than the television network’s prepackaged prime-time coverage of the Olympics.

The Winter Olympics of 2018 will present an opportunity to advance the sport of curling in the St. Louis area by having the SLCC dedicated ice facility opening coincide with the 2018 Winter Olympics.

With the new facility SLCC will be able to increase curling participation by offering more ice time at more convenient hours, more Learn to Curl Events, and the development of new leagues and opportunities for people to try curling, and enjoy curling-related social events.

Club History

SLCC began in 2010 when Nancy Rogers organized an intrepid group of about ten members who began curling at a multi-use arena approximately 25 miles east of St. Louis in Illinois. Unfortunately, the arena had been built over an area of abandoned coal mines and subsidence caused closure of the arena. After a dormant period Becca Walters, who had relocated from Seattle, helped SLCC to start curling at the Creve Coeur Ice Arena.

In 2014 SLCC established a Facebook page, became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and established a club website. SLCC Through ongoing Learn to Curl events conducted by SLCC volunteers, membership has increased to 15, 30 and now more than 50 curlers. Club members have consistently volunteered to conduct Learn to Curl sessions, groom the ice before play by drawing sheet dimensions on the ice and by inventing and constructing equipment as needed including scoreboards, and cabinets to store stones to improve the curling experience. New members have enthusiastically joined in to share the responsibility of providing a rewarding curling experience.

Thank You, Donors!

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Fundraising Progress

Funding Goals and Progress

As described in the business plan, St Louis Curling Club endeavors to raise $530,000 to create a curling facility in the St Louis area. The funding will come from three places:donations, grants and loans.


SLCC estimates $165000 as donations from members, individuals, groups and corporations. These donations are tax deductible and being accepted now. All donors will be listed on the “Thank You Donors” page on this website as well as on a permanent display in the new facility. Donors of $10,000 or above will be listed on a “House of Honor Wall Plaque” on permanent display at the new facility.

Ice Update

At the annual general meeting in June 2016 the membership unanimously approved a motion to move forward with the dedicated ice initiative. Once $100,000 is raised in fundraising we will sign the lease on the identified property.

Business Plan

The business plan attached here is for our supporters, sponsors and other clubs interested in their own dedicated ice project.